When Life Is Hard (Interview with Lisa Whittle)


    I’ve spoken to and heard of so many people who are tired and exhausted and just want to switch off. If you can relate to it, you definitely want to hear this week’s podcast episode! I’m talking to Lisa Whittle, the author of the brand new book, The Hard Good: Showing Up for God to Work in You When You Want to Shut Down.

    Lisa honestly answers the questions I ask about what to do when we are exhausted, burned out and life feels tough and overwhelming. We discuss why she believes that tough can be good, how to know to switch off, and how to reverse course if you want to give up.

    On top of that, we have a really open conversation about how to react when someone we know gets the opportunity or thing that we really, really want. Lisa’s words on this are powerful and if you only hear this part of the podcast (from minute 18), please listen to it.

    I hope our conversation gives you encouragement, gives you hope, and helps you feel less alone.

    In this episode

    [00:39] – Welcome Lisa Whittle to the Crystal Paine Show – she shares who she is and why she wrote this book.

    [04:15] – We’re talking about the tension in the title of your book. How is it possible that something can be both hard and good?

    [09:27] – How do you know you’re closing? What can someone do who feels stuck and has nowhere else to turn to?

    [14:52] – “Many of us are alive, but we are not.” Lisa explains more what she means by that.

    [16:53] – When we are really vulnerable with a friend, our relationship deepens because we have shared our hearts, and I think that is also the case in our relationship with the Lord.

    [18:15] – We talk about what it looks like to cheer on someone who gets what you really want and how tough and daunting that can be.

    [23:36] – “She is not the opponent, jealousy is.” Powerful words to compare Lisa.

    [25:48] – We’ll end the podcast with Lisa talking to the woman who’s just going through the grave and it doesn’t feel like there’s anything good going on.

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