Where did our attraction go?


    from Beks

    I am sure most of you have received the latest stimulus check. We have four children so it was a good size check. What did we do with it? I wish I could say we had booked a great vacation to Hawaii, but things definitely didn’t go that way.

    We got the bill for my son’s ambulance and while it wasn’t as bad as I expected it was just under $ 1,000. It would have been less, but since we went to emergency care first and then to the children’s hospital, we were hit with bills from both places.

    My husband broke a tooth! We hoped to save it, maybe together to help, but our dentist told us it could not be saved and it had to be pulled. My husband chose an implant instead of an open position (and I agree!). His implant will cost a little over $ 2,000 when all is said and done. Ouch! He and I have both had implants before and we shop every time, but that’s the usual rate for a quality implant here.

    I have a cavity under a crown and I’m not sure how this will turn out. I plan for the worst and hold on to some means to cover these costs. We go to our dentist regularly and are mostly void-free! But when it rains at the dentist, it pours for us.

    All three expenses could be paid for from our health savings account, but since we have tied up most of these funds in investments, we decided to pay out of pocket and leave them alone. In a family of 6, medical expenses will always be a part of our lives, and now that we have the money it makes most sense to do it this way. I always try to reduce my risk in the future and storing funds in the HSA is a great way to do that.

    We’ll split the rest between the truck fund and our upcoming Great Lakes trip. My husband’s truck is starting to go downhill and we think we need to replace it sooner than expected. We were still running a little short on gasoline and camping fees (the hike is free while we are there) for our summer trip to Great Lakes so we could clean up what we thought was needed.

    Hope you made a good choice in your check, if you have one.


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