Where to buy linen dresses online


Where to buy linen dresses online

Cotton was the premium material in the world of clothing, but there is a more sustainable material on the market: linen. Made from flax plants, this material is not only environmentally friendly, but also durable and will get better over time, just like good wine. This extremely versatile material is commonly used to make housewares and fashion items such as bedding, tablecloths, shirts and housewares Linen clothes, (yes, they exist, check them out). The product itself has a lasting quality and comfort that cannot be found in other materials.

The breathability and moisture wicking properties of linen clothes are so good that some people say that wearing a linen dress is the closest thing to being naked. If you’ve made a wish or are looking to buy linen outfits online now, here are some things to consider:

1. MagicLinen

This brand came to life when Vita, the founder, discovered that her mother and grandmother’s clothes lasted longer than hers. As a family business MagicLinen specializes in designing custom linen products to suit your personal needs. This shop has products with a maximum price of $ 125, so it is affordable for many customers.

2. Linen fox

You can also buy your lingerie at Linen fox for environmental friendliness, good ethics and sustainability. This brand is owned by a married couple who focus on making linen clothes that are not only beautiful, but also sustainable and ethical. You can choose from hundreds of options, and all of them are available at great prices.

3. Míe

This is the perfect brand for someone who likes a bit of style on their clothes. With dresses with simple but elegant details such as puff sleeves, timeless colors and playful ties Míe has a wide variety of products to meet your linen needs. All parts of this brand are handcrafted to order. You can ship worldwide with free shipping on orders over $ 250.

4. Eileen Fisher

If you are in the market for stylish and sustainable linen, Eileen Fisher should be your one stop shop for all types of linen clothing. The company uses flax from France, but its products are available for international shipping. With several natural pieces to choose from, you can be sure that you have a reliable wardrobe for work through the weekend. Not only is this brand built to last, but they also have ethical products so you can rest assured.

5. Sugar Candy Mountain

This shop gives you several different linen dress options to choose from depending on your style preferences and needs. The linen clothes from Sugar candy mountain is 100% natural and is usually pre-washed with unscented organic soap. You can even buy pieces that are adorned with ethically sound natural shell buttons. These flattering pieces are durable so you can enjoy infinite comfort.

6. Posse

If you believe in timeless, it looks like this Posse If you do, you will be fascinated by the wide range of timeless linen clothing in this shop. All of their products are ethically handcrafted in Bali by women who earn livable wages. So you can be sure that you are supporting a good cause. The imaginative and sustainable supply chain that Posse has created enables stunning linen clothing for everyday life and beyond.


The above are some of the most interesting and reliable places to buy linen dresses online. Of course, there are many other linen clothing stores online that you can buy. Regardless of where you are or what you like, the most important factor to consider before buying your linen clothing is to make sure that the products are ethically made. In this way you are supporting a positive cause and together we can create a chain that benefits everyone involved.

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