Why consultants need to move investment strategies into the 21st century


    Edelman pointed to artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, big data, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and most importantly, blockchain and digital assets, as advisors, where advisors should fund financial professionals, should educate themselves.

    Consultants, he added, are becoming more open-minded but still struggling to understand how best to choose the right investments for their clients, how to build portfolios, and how to manage these types of investments. There are challenges, especially when deciding which product and / or investment instrument to choose, as more and more offers are coming onto the market.

    “We’ll talk about that in my presentation,” said Edelman. “The advisor’s approach really depends on the nature of their practice and the clients they serve. However, this is a key issue that advisors need help with.”

    Another session at the virtual event is titled “How the wealth industry is adapting to technology and revolutionizing the future of consulting”. It discusses how COVID-19 has significantly changed our reality and how the wealth industry has been forced to accelerate its adaptation to technology to meet clients’ needs and demands.

    Moderated by Jason Pereira, Partner and Senior Financial Planner at Woodgate Financial, the panelists will include: Tom Burmeister, VP of Financial Planning, Advicent’s NaviPlan; Robert Smuk, President and CEO of Agora Dealer Services Corp .; and Kendra Thompson, Partner, Head of National Wealth & Investment Management at Deloitte Canada.


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