Why women have been craving more financial knowledge since the pandemic


    “I’m such a relational person that I want to spend my meetings learning about your family, their goals, and their goals. I don’t necessarily want to spend it defining different types of life insurance or comparing a TFSA to an RSP, ”she said. “If you are prepared with this knowledge, we can have the discussions about other things and of course integrate them, but it doesn’t have to be in the foreground of the meeting. This allows us to have deeper conversations in our meetings, which I really enjoy and which creates trust between my customers and me. That’s what I’m doing this for. “

    Shipley-Strickland, which does both insurance and investment advice, said their clients have sought more financial information since the pandemic began. They want to discuss the development of their will, even if they are referred to an attorney. They are also looking at a lot more protection – serious illness, disability, and life insurance.

    “I used to have to initiate conversations, but now more clients are coming to me,” she said, noting that the uncertainty of the pandemic has affected her business owners and professional clients as well as new mothers. “I have more and more customers who come to me with this thought, even though they didn’t think about it that much before. I’ve definitely been asked more about it in the last three to six months than in my entire career.

    “It’s not just about taking my money and making more, either. It is very much about how I protect my fellow human beings who are important to me? But this is also evident in investments. “

    Shipley-Strickland also found that more female customers than ever want a nest egg. While entrepreneurs used to plow back everything in their stores, now they want some cash to spare if they have to close their business for a while or take care of a loved one. She used to encourage customers to do it, but now they are demanding it.


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