Win up to $ 1 million to get your vaccine in these 4 states


    A man looks up as a nurse gives him his COVID-19 vaccine in Kent State, Ohio.

    Marz Anderson, a Kent State University student, receives his COVID-19 vaccination in Kent, Ohio on April 8th. The state’s Vax-a-Million program gives Ohio residents who have received at least one dose of vaccine a chance to win $ 1 million. Phil Long / AP Photo

    For many people, getting the COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to get back to normal life. But some states are sweetening the deal by giving vaccinated residents the chance to win millions.

    4 states offer lottery prizes for vaccination

    Could Your Vaccine Make You Big Bucks? If you live in any of these four states, your vaccination card could be the golden ticket.


    Each day from May 25 through July 3, the state of Maryland will randomly select a resident who has received a vaccine to win a $ 40,000 prize in the $ 2 million VaxCash promotion. Get dollars. On July 4th, the state will hold a grand finale for $ 400,000.

    Anyone who is a Maryland resident and has received at least one dose of vaccine in the state is eligible. No registration is required. If you have already been vaccinated, you are already eligible. If you are vaccinated during the competition period, you will be enrolled. Of course, the sooner you get your shot, the more chance you have of winning.

    The Maryland Department of Health will randomly assign a number to each vaccinated person over 18 in the Maryland Lottery. The lottery will randomly draw a number within the daily range of numbers, but will not include the names of the people who received the vaccine. The lottery then passes the winning number to the Maryland Department of Health, which then notifies each winner.

    Please visit for more information.

    Prices: 40 prizes of $ 40,000 each from May 25th to July 3rd; A purse of $ 400,000 on July 4th.

    new York

    New Yorkers shooting at any of 10 mass vaccination sites in the state between May 24 and May 28 will receive a free $ 20 scratch-off lottery ticket through the state’s Vax & Scratch program. Lottery tickets are only available to residents aged 18 and over.

    There are 13 levels of prize payouts ranging from $ 20 million to $ 5 million. Governor Andrew Cuomo said there is a 9-1 chance of winning a cash prize when he announced the program on May 20th.

    To be clear, those who receive their recordings between May 24-28 will receive a regular New York Lotto scratch-off ticket that anyone can buy. People who have already received their vaccine are not entitled to a free ticket.

    For more information and a list of vaccination sites, see the news release on the New York State website.

    Prices: A free $ 20 scratch-off ticket for anyone who receives vaccine at any of the 10 state mass vaccination sites between May 24th and May 28th. Prices range from $ 20 million to $ 5 million.


    Five Ohio residents who have received at least one dose of vaccine have a chance to win $ 1 million through the Vax-a-Million program. The draws take place on Mondays from May 25th to June 21st. The winners will be announced each week on the Wednesday following the drawing.

    While you must be at least 18 years old to win the $ 1 million prizes, Buckeye State will award a college scholarship each week to residents ages 12 to 17 who have received at least one shot. Prize includes tuition, room and board, and books for any Ohio State college, university, community college, or business / technical school.

    To be eligible, you must register at You only need to register once to be eligible for all upcoming subscriptions. To register, you will need to obtain approval from the Ohio Department of Health to review your vaccination record. You may also need to show your vaccination card for confirmation.

    For more information, see the Ohio Vax-a-Million FAQs.

    Prices: Five $ 1 million prizes; five college scholarships for residents aged 12-17.


    Oregon is the youngest state to announce a lottery for vaccinated residents. On June 28, the state will hold a raffle for a $ 1 million cash prize for residents who have received at least one dose. Beaver State will also be running a drawing for a prize of $ 10,000 in each of the state’s 36 counties.

    While cash prizes apply only to residents age 18 and older, residents ages 12-17 can win one of five college scholarships for $ 100,000.

    Anyone who has received at least one dose by June 27th is eligible. The state just announced the program on May 21st, so some details are still being worked out. However, according to the state’s FAQ, the Oregon Lottery only receives vaccination numbers. No names are given.

    For more information, see the state FAQ page.

    Robin Hartill is a fully vaccinated certified financial planner and senior writer at The Penny Hoarder. She writes the Dear Penny personal finance advisory column. Send your tricky money questions to [email protected]

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