Women in ETFs now include men, blacks, and new Canadians


    “It was really rewarding to see that we had this mandate from the beginning to connect, support and inspire, and it has become a very inclusive space for men and women who cannot network anywhere else.”

    The Canadian chapter of WE began in 2014, shortly after the global organization was founded in the United States. Now, 30% of Canada’s 500 members – and 17% of its 6,500 global members in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North America – are male.

    “Our mission is to be inclusive and men are an important part of solving the challenges the industry is facing,” said Cash. “We are truly blessed with the membership we have from men in the financial world. You are committed to the issues of diversity and inclusion and are involved in mentoring. They realize that this cannot be done by women alone. “

    Pandemic Progress

    Cash said WE have “never been busier” than during the pandemic. The Canadian Chapter held sessions on diversity and inclusion, mental health and work-life balance on COVID, which affected both sexes. It also participated in many global events including a 24-hour world conference around the clock and partnered with more than 100 exchanges around the world to celebrate International Women’s Day.

    WE has a career center to support those entering the ETF industry. It has also kept its mentoring program with a lockdown process to support new industry entrants and those looking to climb the ladder. Some mentors used to be mentees, but all of them are keen to help women return to work after starting a family. WE also set up a speaking office to raise the profile of women and offered speaker and media training.


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