Working together for Larimer County


    At Elevations Credit Union, we invest in the communities we serve and we strive to build relationships with other organizations that share this passion for the community, such as the United Way of Larimer County (UWLC).

    Four areas of focus in Larimer County

    United Way has been operating in Larimer County for over 60 years and has grown to become the county’s largest nonprofit. UWLC focuses its efforts on four core areas with programs and partnerships in:

    1. Youth education:: Focus on kindergarten readiness, class-level reading through third grade, and high school graduation.
    1. Financially S.sustainability:: Focus on a path from poverty to self-sufficiency, as well as disaster relief and recovery.
    1. Community E.engagement:: Focus on increasing volunteering, cross-sector collaboration, creating a pipeline of executives, and engaging businesses in the community.
    1. Not for profit Excellence:: Coordinated with more than 70 local nonprofits, funded collective impact activities, assessed results and produced data-driven reports for donors.

    90% of every dollar donated goes directly to programs that affect our community.

    – United Route from Larimer County

    Make a difference in 2020

    In 2020, United Way of Larimer County focused on resolving system-level problems that adversely affect people of color in Larimer County. They formed committees to work on it and conducted training on diversity, equity, and inclusion for their staff, the board of directors, and partners in the community.

    UWLC served as a major Larimer County’s disaster relief and recovery resource in 2020, addressing community needs directly related to COVID-19 and the Cameron Peak Wildfire. This year they continue to organize recovery efforts and raise funds for unmet needs in the community.

    “When a disaster strikes, the United Way of Larimer County comes for the occasion. From the floods in 2013 to the acute forest fires in recent years, Elevations Credit Union trusts this critical community organization to lead the way in both relief and recovery. We couldn’t be more proud of our relationship with the United Way of Larimer County, ”said Dennis Paul, vice president of community affairs for Elevations Credit Union and chairman of the Elevations Foundation.

    Springing to Action – Wildfire Relief

    Amid a global pandemic, Colorado experienced a record forest fire season in the fall of 2020. United Way of Larimer County was prepared and acted quickly to assist those affected by the Cameron Peak Wildfire. UWLC has connected with community leaders in Estes Park and helped translate all key evacuation information into Spanish so that no one in the Spanish-speaking community was left uninformed. In addition to being there, UWLC gathered community members and businesses to raise funds for those affected by the fires. In total, the Larimer County Fire Recovery Fund established by UWLC has amassed over $ 1.3 million.

    “Larimer County was badly hit by the forest fires last fall. Together, Elevations Credit Union and our members, and the Elevations Foundation, were the largest single donor of Wildfire Aid to the United Way of Larimer County in 2020, ”said Paul. “Contributions from our members, along with a significant challenge grant from Elevations Credit Union, enabled the Elevations Foundation to deliver $ 182,000 to the United Way of Larimer County within days of closing the fund.”

    Larimer County Long Term Recovery Group has distributed and will continue to distribute long-term recovery funds to agencies and partners to help families affected by the fires. Fundraising was a formidable community act, but UWLC knows that the work of rebuilding homes and restoring fire damage will take years. Current needs of those affected include legal assistance, mental health support and short-term housing. Future needs will extend to preparation for rebuilding, replacement of water systems, as well as replanting and reseeding properties.

    Elevations Credit Union looks forward to further efforts in addition to the United Way of Larimer County to improve the lives of those who live in the communities we both serve and whom we love. Learn more about the United Way of Larimer County and get involved here.


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