Worried about losing female clients when their partners are gone?


    “But another interesting thing about millennials – and maybe it’s because they got jobs in the last recession – is that financially they may not be what they hoped, so every penny counts. So I think this generation tends to talk more about money, ”Porter said. In fact, after doing some research, she discovered that when millennials find that their partner is in significant debt, “that relationship is often doomed”.

    Additionally, Porter found that 50% of the fastest growing group of women entrepreneurs are millennials. “They build their wealth and tend to be more interested and involved in their finances and investments,” she added. “So women are not a monolithic group, but the boomers in particular tend to fall into these stereotypical roles in which they are mostly not involved in their finances.”

    Counselors can involve them, however – and Porter urged them, as statistics show these women will soon be managing more assets and they will often leave their existing counselors when their partners are gone.

    “We’re going to lose these customers if we don’t get them,” she said.

    She finds that having a separate meeting with each spouse works well, especially if the women are not talkative about their partners or if there is an income gap that makes them feel like they don’t have that much say. “When they are unsure of their finances,” she added, “they tend to abandon themselves to their partners.”


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