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    “Worship stifles worries.” This powerful quote from Katie Reid has challenged me since reading it in her book Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done.

    If I feel like worry creeps in when I start stressing out about the what if or the unknown, I want to choose worship instead.

    This could mean turning on worship music and singing along (there’s something about singing about the goodness and faithfulness of God that only changes your perspective and perspective!)

    Or it might look like spending some time praising the Lord and evoking his qualities and character. (When I was growing up, my mom would sometimes come up with something to praise God with every letter of the alphabet. Once you’ve started, it’s hard to stop! There’s so much to praise!)

    It might also look like reading the Bible about his promises and trustworthiness and reminding us of those truths. Whatever it is for you, will you join me today in choosing worship over worry? “Worship stifles worries.”

    This week I invited Katie on the Crystal Paine Show to share more about the concept and how to lead a life of worship rather than worry. I think this episode is really going to give you encouragement – especially if you’re someone who’s a doer, fixer, and problem solver and you’re struggling to just rest and let go.

    In this episode

    [00:37] – Today, with Katie Reid, we are dealing with the subject of worship versus worry.

    [01:33] – Katie talks a little about her family – I think it’s good that she has 5 children and a wide range of ages!

    [03:22] – We’re talking about her book Made Like Martha and what it looks like to be a Martha and a Mary.

    [07:51] – What it looks like to worship instead of worries, and why worship stifles worries.

    [10:55] – “We can starve if we feast on adoration.”

    [12:49] – Do you feel that we often worry and we don’t even notice that we are worried?

    [15:26] – What about preferring worship to worry?

    [17:33] – How did you let go of this burden and the weight of feeling like everything is on you, everyone else can carry it and make sure everything works?

    [20:05] – “Delegation is not weak, but wise.”

    [22:04] – How can you carefully decide what to say with yes and what with no?

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