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March 15, 2021 | Crystal paine

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I’m doing something I rarely do today … I ask you a favor!

If you’ve benefited at all from anything I’ve posted or shared over the years, it would mean to me that you would help me get my new book published. Love-centered parenting (it will be released tomorrow!)

This is not your typical parents’ book

Love-centered parenting is my journey from the low point as a parent to the freedom and joy in my motherhood. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s honest … and it’s not your typical parenting book.

In it, I share vulnerably about mistakes I’ve made, lessons I’ve learned, and how I stopped raising parents for my reputation and started raising myself for relationships with my children.

My children gave me permission and blessings to tell many stories that I have never shared on the internet about the struggles they went through – including severe anxiety, depression, and more. I know our stories don’t necessarily reflect yours, but I hope that sharing them openly will make me feel less alone.

This book was not written by someone who figured it all out

This is not a book written from a pedestal. In fact, I start Chapter 1 by talking about the time I went into the emergency room four years ago and telling the lady at the desk, “My child is suicidal.”

I’m with you in the trenches of this educational matter. I am for you. And I want to share about the changes we’ve made over the past few years that have changed the way we are parents, our relationships with our children, and the whole tone of our home.

If, as a mother or father, or a caretaker or teacher, you could use some encouragement to enjoy your children, love them more deeply, and have better communication, I believe this book will truly bless and encourage you.

But don’t just take my word for it! Check out the 144 reviews currently posted on GoodReads about it.

And then we have a foster placement and a stomach bug …

Love-centered parenting Publications for the world tomorrow (Tuesday, March 16, 2021) and I had big plans to start everything strategically.

Instead, I’m throwing up here (some of my kids are having a really bad stomach bug right now!) And learning how to care for a medically complex boy we only started caring for last week. (If you missed the details on how to do this, read this post.)

I think it’s just very fitting that I’m deep in parenting while I’m bringing out a book about parenting! 🙂

Would you like to help me

I’m not good at asking for help, but I can’t do this start on my own. So I come to you today and ask if you would be willing to help get started. Here are five ways you can help:

1. Buy a copy

You can purchase a copy from Amazon.com, ChristianBook.com, Bookshop.org, or many other online retailers

2. Share with your friends

When you have a friend who you think will be encouraged by Love-centered parentingWould you do me a big favor and send you the link on this post or post to get a feel for what this book is about?

3. Share online

Could you re-share this post on your Instagram Stories or re-share this post on Facebook?

4. Ask your library to carry it

When you ask your library to have a book with you (most libraries have a form on their website that you can fill out or an email address that you can email to request that they have a book at not only can you read the book for free, but it also allows many more people to find the book!

5. Write a review

Once you read the book, it would mean so much if you left a review on Amazon or GoodReads.

THANK YOU! It means so much to me that you want to support this book and help ensure that as many parents and caregivers as possible receive this message!

Send me an email!

If you ordered a copy of Love-centered parenting and / or helped in any of the ways above (or come up with your own creative idea to promote this book start!), you would email me (moneysavingmom@gmail.com) and let me know what you did can take a minute to thank you?

I am so grateful to each of you! Your love and kindness and how you were such a cheerleader means the world to me! I am humble and grateful!

PS I have a virtual launch party planned for you tomorrow night, but I’m postponing it for a couple of days because of the stomach problem we have in our house. Look for an email with details on this soon!

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