You can now shop online at Poundland – but not all zip codes


    Poundland has launched an online store that enables home delivery of some of the most popular items from its stores.

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    Pfundland online shop

    Poundland started as a £ 1 store in 1990 and has since grown to include over 800 stores selling an assortment of 3,000 items starting at £ 1.

    As a discounter, you can pick up pretty much most things in store for good value for money.

    Poundland is now offering an online shop for selected postcodes as part of a pilot project.

    Here is everything you need to know.

    Can I buy anything I would buy in the store?

    shop online with poundland

    Poundland does not offer a full range in its online shop.

    However, there is a wide range of some of their most popular products to choose from.

    This includes items from as little as £ 1 as well as other more expensive items. The items cost no more online than in-store.

    You get the latest products and ranges, food and drink, health and beauty, entertainment and home improvement, home accessories from the PEP & CO range, household and pet supplies, stationery and handicrafts as well as things for the garden.

    When the stock is out of stock it will be shown as “out of stock” but will be replenished in store.

    Does Poundland sell PEP & CO clothing online?

    While you sell a wide range of items and some PEP & CO Home items, you have no plans to sell PEP & CO clothing online.

    Shopping online is currently an attempt with limited zip codes, so adding clothes may change in the future.

    Is there a minimum turnover in the Poundland online shop?

    You can shop for £ 1 items with no minimum sales.

    However, you have to pay for delivery.

    The shipping costs are a flat rate of 4 € and are sent by Hermes.

    So when you order an item you pay € 4 for delivery, but if you manage to spend € 100 on items you still pay € 4 for delivery.

    Your order will be delivered in 3 – 4 working days.

    Which postcodes does Poundland deliver to?

    Poundland shop front

    Photo credit: Poundland

    Unfortunately, Poundland doesn’t deliver to all of the UK.

    However, there will still be 1.8 million shoppers who can pick up the shipment.

    For shoppers in Birmingham, Derby, Dudley, Stoke on Trent, Walsall and Wolverhampton – you may be able to shop with them online.

    They set up a limited number of zip codes as part of their online trial.

    I can see more locations being added should their online store succeed after the pilot.

    Here they currently deliver to 113 postcodes:

    • B1-98
    • WS1-15
    • WV1-98
    • DE1-75
    • DY1-14
    • ST1-21

    If you would like to have something delivered from Poundland, you can pre-register your interest in their online shop and they will be notified by email when and when it opens in your area.

    Does Poundland offer Click and Collect?

    The new Poundland online shopping is only for items that are being delivered.

    Items sold through their website are for delivery and there is no click-and-collect service in stores.

    What do you think of shopping online at Poundland? Will you try

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