Young Money takes a break (not like Ross & Rachel)


    Hello readers!

    You may have noticed that the blog has become a little quieter lately.

    That’s because I’m taking a break. Despite restrictions, the first half of 2021 was surprisingly full, with projects such as:

    • The completion and publication of my second book, Own It!
    • The first season of my podcast (also called Own It!), With episodes filmed also on YouTube
    • The start of my weekly column in the i
    • 16 external podcast interviews, 14 speaking engagements and 6 external video projects
    • 10 media appearances including Woman’s Hour and Steph’s Packed Lunch, plus two full days of radio with dozen of TV / radio interviews across the UK

    That doesn’t include writing regularly for the blog and various other media outlets, including Spectator Money and Baillie Gifford’s Trust magazine, nor the myriad of meetings, pre-meetings, and email administrations that make all of this possible. And then there is the research, the gathering of ideas, the writing, the scripting, the production, the editing and the general ‘get on with it’!

    And just a little reminder – Young Money is a self-directed operation supported by my esteemed colleague Bain Sr.

    Now that things are opening up again and hopefully we will get through the worst You know what, I think it’s a good time to take a step back and smell the roses. I spent much of last summer either isolating myself before my septum surgery or recovering from it, which took a good month or so. So it will be nice to enjoy ‘freedom’ in good health (fingers crossed) and to be proud of what I achieved in the first half of 2020.

    I’ve also just bought a new apartment, which is very exciting. But it does require a hell of a makeover (one door is hung upside down, certain windows never opened … you get the picture). So I’m up to my neck in dirt and bullets, as my mother likes to say. If the wind is good, the conversion should be completed by the end of September, then I’ll have a decent home office, studio space and a sound recording booth. Just in time for a new project … check out this room.

    And I suspect in the next month or two you’ll want to change things up and have some fun in the sun – I’m not blaming you.

    I don’t believe in maintaining a false pretext of robotic bustle these days. Let’s be honest with what 16 months we’ve had and the need to recover physically and emotionally from it. I could keep posting content just to fill a void and show that I’m “in”, but that would be wrong if it were half-hearted and insincere. Much better to take a proper break and come back completely refreshed, isn’t it?

    I will continue to write my weekly column in i and make appearances here and there. I also have some exciting projects to announce for autumn. So keep following me on social media and I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, enjoy yourself (within budget!)

    You deserve it.


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