Your energy bill will JUMP by £ 100s – here are my 11 most important pieces of information


    7th Beware of other comparison sites, most of the hidden deals they don’t pay for … and most of the cheap deals just don’t pay off

    Energy switching sites, including the Cheap Energy Club, make their money by getting paid by companies they can switch for. This comes from the utilities’ marketing budgets so it doesn’t change what you pay for. You will be charged the same way as if you left straight.

    In order to protect their income, most websites hide by default any tariffs that they have no business relationship with. I always refused that at MSE. By default, Cheap Energy Club’s comparison includes all available tariffs (although you can filter by service rating, for example).

    Instead, my concept was to give the converters almost half of our earnings in the form of cashback (e.g. £ 25 per dual-fuel switch). Not only to make us cheaper than other sites, but also to include the cashback in savings so that more people switch to those who pay without us hiding any tariffs. Hopefully a win-win situation for you and us.

    Right now, in these extraordinary times, many of the cheapest companies have withdrawn payments. This means that most websites hide a variety of cheap rates by default. Of course we don’t. The same goes for free auto-switch sites, which are likely to have even less competitive offerings than usual right now.

    The main influence on MSE’s service is that you have used our Pick Me A Tariff Every Year feature as we cannot switch you to most of the cheapest deals. We’ll still tell you what they are, but you have to leave our simple one-click service.


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