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Harriette Hale, the leading expert on money mentality in Europe, talks about money mentality in 2021.

Not only have I made sure my team, systems, processes, and money are in order, but I’ve also put more time, money, energy, and effort into making sure my take on money gets to the point and unites Harriette My success last year has a significant influence on this.

Harriette understands why the money mindset is so important – “Money mindset is the foundation of everyone at the moment. The past year turned everything upside down for everyone. The way out of last year’s chaos is a rich mindset that supports your soul destiny. «

How Harriette became Europe’s money mindset expert

She started my first company as a teenager, hungry for success. Harriette was instantly successful because she was fearless in her decisions. But with this young fearlessness came arrogance.

By the time she was in her early twenties, Harriette had made a considerable amount of money and made many business mistakes. “I basically put myself in a position where three of my employees decided to do my business for me. They took my intellectual property, customers and employees. Then they started a competing company half a mile from my location. I lost everything that I literally built up overnight in those first four years. «

Harriette was at the top of her game and had no income within 24 hours. With no resources to rebuild, she was stuck with nowhere to go. In her personal life, she had a narcissistic abusive relationship that led her to attempt suicide. “I went to therapy voluntarily. I wasn’t in the best of shape. I was broken in every way. «

In her mid-twenties she was on the verge of bankruptcy, extremely depressed and anxious. «One day I had this epiphany, like a moment when I came to Jesus.»

She understood that no one would save her. “I was devastated and had no friends to rely on as the betrayal was terrible. I have no team, no staff, no money, no partner, no trust in humanity or in myself. “It was then that she realized she had to dig out of her hole. ”

Harriette about giving away her strength

“I have given my strength to so many things. And I think that’s probably why a lot of people end up in positions like this because they are giving up their power. They don’t realize how powerful they are. «

Harriette began to rebuild herself and her life. “Our company started self-development because I had no money. I took out loans, credit cards. I started hiring coaches for my business, mindset, and spiritual growth. I went to yoga classes and flew all over the world to see these gurus and healers who could support me. «

Trainers who support them through transformation

She recalls spending £ 12,000, roughly $ 16,000 on a coach, when she had absolutely nothing. «To do that, when you have absolutely nothing it was crowned, but I’ve done this over the process of a couple of years and found myself in a position where my comeback was actually pretty incredible.»

She started two new companies when others recognized her accomplishments. They came up to her and asked her how she had come back from nothing. “You were on your knees; How the fuck did you do that «Harriette shared her change of mindset with others, and she became known in financial circles as a go-to for problem solving.

From coaching to coach

Based on this experience, Harriette decided to found her coaching company Golden Carrier. For her first lesson, she created lessons around a money mindset. “When I first introduced this course, eight people had to have registered. It has just grown over the years and we now have thousands of people signing up for the bidding rates. «

After creating her first course, she has now branched out to teach money awareness. «I teach the rich mentality and have since become a priestess myself.» She focuses on numerology, astrology, psychic channel, psychic reading and energy healing for personal growth and uses this base to develop business strategy and digital marketing for her clients.

“I think the biggest part for me was realizing that I was my safest bet. Only I could save myself. If you can get into this mindset, it is abundance because you are regaining your power. «

This is how you regain your personal strength

Harriette says that we give up our power and find ourselves in adverse situations and realities because we believe that everything is working against us. We think there is no way out and we are stuck in a bad situation.

«It is because we have never stopped questioning the reality and beliefs we have been faced with and accepting them as the gospel.» These limiting beliefs that we accept become our standard and basis. However, when you start questioning everything, you know it is true. You can start to pick out that negative reality that according to universal law does not support you. This mental foundation is at the core of what she teaches as a priestess.

The real foundation of humanity

Harriette explains that the only truth, the only foundation, the only thing that is fundamentally true for every human being are the following three things: First, we are here to have a human, physical, emotional experience and to use our experience, to contribute to collective awareness. Second, we need to raise the vibration of the planet for the greatest, highest vertical. Third, we are here to express divinity through the human filter, and everything else is just an illusion.

Choose your empowering beliefs and create your own world

You can choose stronger beliefs and a desire to see the world differently. Find the evidence and evidence and seek out a network of people who believe in the same thing. Beware of people who crystallize negative beliefs, have negative narratives, and have negative things to say.

Choose your limits carefully

Her advice to protecting yourself from thriving is that you choose your limits carefully. Make a decision to create conscious and abundant boundaries. Do not entertain negative projections from other people or join others who wish to be labeled «victims».

Harriette Hale on the Law of Attraction

She started out as a full student attorney and pioneer of the law of attraction. Now she has recognized: «Every idea, every teaching and methodology is an energy in the form of consciousness that is downloaded.» She compares this with information that we carry around in our body as an individual human vessel on our planet.

Harriette knows that evolution takes place. «When awareness comes through someone – we call it imagination.» A certain piece of consciousness comes into human consciousness. We cannot understand part of conscientiousness out of context. Information downloaded in the Piscean Age evolved as the wheel transformed into the Aquarian Age in 2012. «We’re on a completely different level of evolution, consciousness, interaction and we now understand everything we were when the law of attraction was downloaded.»

She speaks of information from the age of fish as “old software” because “when people develop and develop, consciousness develops and continues to develop. Hence, using lessons that are hundreds of years old without the updates will cause many people to encounter problems. «

The 11 laws of co-creation

Instead of one law of attraction in how to manifest your life there are 11, and one of them is the law of co-creation. Abundance is another law where the remaining nine laws are divided into the stages of the manifestation process in key areas in all aspects of our lives.

I’m taking Harriette’s 11 Laws course right now and I love it because it’s so meaty. Another reason I love her course is that she can translate this information for my other type of brain.

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